Ripple Effects Of…

…adoption.  The older I get, the more aware I become of how my choices today have an impact on the future.  Karma. Consequences. Mojo. Grace. Justice.  No matter what you call it, we are all aware that each of our choices have a direct consequence.  Your choices, your prayers, your love, will impact future generations.  I don’t know about you but that BLOWS MY MIND when I sit and really think about it.  How does this tie in with adoption?  I’m so glad you asked!  🙂

Before I really dive in, I’m not here to debate pro-life, pro-choice, pro-(insert modern day rant here) or anything like that.  I’m just providing you with examples on the beauty of adoption from personal experience.  For those of you that don’t know, I am adopted.  My parents received a phone call from a woman they went to church with, whose husband was a lawyer.  A young woman came to his office that day with the hope of giving her unborn child a great home since she already had a child and wasn’t going to be able to keep both.  Her choice was the best thing for any of us and the most beautiful and incredible gift she could have ever given me.  Just a few days later and I was a Godwin.  Oh my goodness at the beauty of that sentence.  I was, still am, and will always be a Godwin.  I can show you screen shots of texts with my father that prove I’m very much like him.  Then there are days I could give examples of how I’m like my mom.  My sister is one of my biggest heroines with the way she loves and leads by example, and with the way she has always encouraged me.  Has life been perfect?  Heck no…but it’s been one heck of a journey I wouldn’t have wanted any other way.

Seeing the way we interact as a family, you’ll possibly be surprised to learn that I struggled with being adopted as a child and this led to many insecurities and some fears.  Some that I still battle today.  I was only seeing the fact that my biological parents gave me up and assumed it was because they didn’t want me.  I wasn’t focusing on the fact that my parents CHOSE me.  They love me.  They didn’t have to do that.  They loved and treated Tammy and me the same.  Well, let’s be honest, I am probably the favorite (KIDDING).  Growing up they told us that there was nothing we could do to make them love us any less.  I’ll be the first to admit that I tested that theory a time…or several.  We have all made mistakes but I’m thankful for that statement being true.  I’ve told them over the years that I’m grateful for the earthly example of God’s love for His children that they have given to Tammy & myself.  If no one has ever told you before, God loves you.  He delights in you.  He fiercely pursues you.  He protects you.  He chooses you!  If you didn’t have a good set of parents growing up, I am so sorry and hope you know that God is still here and nothing is wasted.  He uses things that we are in to glorify Himself and to bring us joy.  No matter where you come from or have been, you are still chosen and that’s a beautiful reality.

The ripple effect comes in because when I think about not being a Godwin or knowing the amazing people I get to walk through this life with, it deeply saddens me.  I know things would have been fine but I also know there’s been an impact on my life because of God’s faithfulness through the people I interact with daily.  The choice my parents made led me here to Chattanooga where I get to be a sassy HR professional and surprisingly get paid to talk to people.  I get to pray with employees on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis and encourage them to keep going.  This is not in my strength but is ONLY because of God’s goodness.  Sometimes there are total strangers I get to meet that I am supposed to love on and pray with.  Two examples are from the California trip back in August when I met and prayed with the sweetest woman named Rosa or Kipp on the plane in Abilene, TX.  There are other types of ripple effects based off of poor choices we make so know that others are impacted by each choice made.

I know many people who have adopted and some who are waiting expectantly for their bundles of joy (in various ages)! This is going to sound repetitive but I want you to really grasp this.  We are called to rejoice and walk in the fact that God, our mighty creator, the lover of our souls, CHOSE us!  He has adopted us into his family and we can’t do anything to be kicked out or rejected.  No matter what your earthly parents are/were like, He is the epitome of goodness, faithfulness, pursuit, passion, justice, grace and unconditional love.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg!  Whoop whoop!  I mean, no one else sent their perfect son to die for our sins….we are chosen.  Please let that marinate. We are chosen. Since He chooses us, we get to be part of the journey to encourage others and show them who God is and the whole purpose of salvation.  If you are currently trying to adopt or support those that are, there is a breathtaking ripple effect because of that choice.  That child is helping complete a family and if they’re believers, will impact the Kingdom in big ways by sharing the Gospel and loving deeply.  Obedience is blessed and no waiting is ever wasted.



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Jenny Godwin

My goal is to point others to Christ with transparency, authenticity, and encouragement. I love to laugh and spend time with the ones I hold dear. You can usually find me with a bottle of water or a cup of coffee in hand...and sequins in my purse.

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  1. So glad our ripples overlap 😊
    Love you so much, and so proud of your Godshine! You’re a true inspiration…


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