Father’s Day

In today’s society, it’s sadly common that fathers are more and more absent.  That’s not fair and last night it reduced me to tears thinking about those that have had the worst excuses for a father as they’ve grown up.  If you have had that experience, I am so very sorry.  If your father has passed away, my heart breaks for you.  I’ve seen friends experience both sides of the equation and it always hurts my heart because I want so badly for them to feel the embrace of their dad.  I hope you know that on Father’s Day, you aren’t forgotten.  Your actions, or lack thereof, won’t cause God to abandon you or fade away.

I think that as children of God we only see the side that reflects our mistakes, failures and inability to meet the mark.  We feel as though we will be kicked out of the family if we mess up one more time.  Or we think that we must excel in x amount of areas to be chosen…But we are called to rejoice and walk in the fact that God, our mighty creator, the lover of our souls, CHOSE us!  He has adopted us into his family and we can’t do anything to be kicked out or rejected.  No matter what your earthly parents are like, He is the epitome of goodness, faithfulness, pursuit, passion, justice, grace and unconditional love.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg!  Whoop whoop!  I mean, no one else sent their perfect son to die for our sins….we are chosen.  Please let that marinate. We are chosen.

I’ve used the phrase, “The good, bad, ugly and crazy” in many scenarios of life (relationships of any kind) but it fits here also.  He chose us knowing all of those things about us and we are his  precious, adopted kids.  Loved as his very own.  So on Father’s Day and the days that surround it, you are thought of, prayed for, and delighted in.  That stands true no matter what the circumstances are of your father not being present.  I’m a hugger so just know that if I could hug you this very second, I would (just ask anyone I’ve ever hugged….I’ll even linger just to pester).

Being a child of God means:

Our Father loves you.
Our Father delights in you.
Our Father fiercely pursues you.
Our Father protects you.
Our Father chooses you.

Published by

Jenny Godwin

My goal is to point others to Christ with transparency, authenticity, and encouragement. I love to laugh and spend time with the ones I hold dear. You can usually find me with a bottle of water or a cup of coffee in hand...and sequins in my purse.

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