Father’s Day

Personally, I’ve been blessed more than I deserve to have had my father an active part of my life.  On that note, you can thank him for the warped sense of humor that some love and others might loathe.  Dad has been a wonderful example of God’s love for His children (so has mom but this piece is about fathers).  He’s shown forgiveness when it wasn’t owed, unconditional love when put to the test, and patience like you wouldn’t believe.  Granted, to this day I still thank Tammy for being born ten years before me because he’s made it clear he didn’t have the patience for my sass in his younger years.  Our family isn’t perfect but it’s one I’m forever thankful for and I know I can trust God first hand because of seeing His hand in my life but also by seeing an example of Him in my daddy.

That said, over the years I’ve seen the pain this day can bring and for those that grieve on Father’s Day or don’t feel like it can be celebrated.  I wrote on Father’s Day last year actually and while this one is similar, it’s still different.  Plus, it’s my blog and I can do what I want.  🙂  I just don’t this weekend to go by with people feeling left in the cold or forgotten.

I am so sorry for the pain that you feel.  It’s not fair and I believe it’s okay to say that.  Many things in the life aren’t fair and this is one of the ones that brings my heart so much sadness.  There are dads that leave their families in neglect or because they’re making poor choices and choose (or have) to leave due to consequences of their actions.  Then there are some who have passed away in years past, which makes it painful to feel robbed of these celebrations while the rest of the world seemingly goes on.  Others, have been hurt by their earthly fathers in any variety of ways and I am so sorry.  None of these voids can be filled on this side of eternity and while I know that’s not the cheery spin I typically try to bring to pieces, it’s the way it is.  I’ve seen and walked friends through losing fathers (& other family members) so maybe that’s why I’m so aware of it and grieved while celebrating dad and Eric

If you haven’t had a healthy (or any) relationship with your dad or if you haven’t seen him due to death, I hope you know you are loved.  I’m not trying to Jesus juke you by saying that your heavenly Father loves you and that should make it all better and take away any sadness, but I do want to remind you of that fact.  He loves you.  He chooses you.  He delights in you.  You are thought of and prayed for around and on Father’s Day.

Published by

Jenny Godwin

My goal is to point others to Christ with transparency, authenticity, and encouragement. I love to laugh and spend time with the ones I hold dear. You can usually find me with a bottle of water or a cup of coffee in hand...and sequins in my purse.

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