(Not) Everything Happens For A Reason

Maybe this is a rant but I get so fed up with the commonly used phrase, “everything happens for a reason.” Yes, God knows all that is going to happen and yes, He definitely uses it.  I just think that sometimes it’s said because people want to comfort those going through loss. They don’t know what to say and feel like they should say something. Anything. At times we hit panic mode and our mouths run faster than our thought process. I’ll be the first to admit my mouth and not thinking get me in plenty of trouble.

Other times it’s out of selfishness. Yep, I said it. It’s said out of wanting to bathe our selfish or stupid choices in Jesus. Christians over spiritualize so many things and I’m just tired. It’s getting harder and harder to have intentional conversations with people while holding back eye rolling when that’s said.

When we don’t get a job, sometimes it’s out of protection and sometimes we just aren’t qualified. When a relationship doesn’t pan out like we had anticipated or planned, we say it happens for a reason.  I don’t think that’s always the case because people get hurt in those situations.  Drugs, pre-marital sex, abuse, lies, and the list goes on.  What this boils down to is that not all that happens was meant to. It is definitely used to bring God glory and us joy but pawning off our selfishness in relationships and life is a cop out.

So as we seek what God has for us and has gifted us to do, let us wait in anticipation and gratitude. The time of waiting is used to prepare, refine, and restore. It doesn’t mean you are sitting still. Don’t bathe selfishness in Jesus. Too many people are wasting time using “everything happens for a reason” as an excuse. Own up to stupidity and move forward in prayer and obedience.

Published by

Jenny Godwin

My goal is to point others to Christ with transparency, authenticity, and encouragement. I love to laugh and spend time with the ones I hold dear. You can usually find me with a bottle of water or a cup of coffee in hand...and sequins in my purse.

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